•  COS Enklozr DP

    COS Enklozr DP


Code Description
98081enk 25A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
98082enk 32 A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
98083enk 40A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
98084enk 63A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
  • Specifications

UNO Cos enklozr is a dedicated compact modular changeover switch box with sleek indications of the power supply, designed to serve the purpose of change of power supply on the availability of two power sources. 


  • Alluring & Distinct Aesthetics 
  • Sleek power Supply Indications 
  • Compact & Light Weight 
  • Flush/ Surface type Mounting 
  • IP30 Protection 

Technical Specification:

Design Registration Certificate Regd. Design No. 287527
Reference Standard IS/IEC 60947-3
No. of Poles DP & FP
Current Rating(In) 25A, 40A & 63A
Rated Voltage(Ue) 240V/415V~ for Both DP and FP
Utilization category AC22A
Frame Single Frame for complete range
Mechanism Double break contact mechanism
Positions 3 positions with centre OFF (I-O-II)
Terminal Capacity 35 sq.mm

Two stage visual indication for both I and II  

LED indications

Protection IP30
Mounting  Surface / Flush mounted
Weight(kg) 0.85(DP) & 0.95(FP)


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