98313  4 WAY TPN Acrylic - UNO DB 4 8+12
98314 6 WAY TPN Acrylic - UNO DB 6 8+18
98315 8 WAY TPN Acrylic - UNO DB 8 8+24
  • Specifications

UNO Distribution boards UNO Distribution boards has been designed to provide a new dimension of protection in Homes. Offices and Industries, it is equipped with stylish color, elegant curves and distinctive finish that blends with all kinds of interior decor UNO Distribution Boards thus after dual benefits of Flexibility and Safety, enabling sale and efficient distribution of electrical power These boards undergo a seven—tank phosphating pretreatment process to ensure anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength. Post this process, premium quality powder coating is applied using the state-of-the—art techniques. These boards are also equipped with top and bottom removable gland plates with a number of knockouts. One can thus install them either flush or wall mounded.


UNO Distribution board

  • Reversible Door:

    By simply shifting the hinge assembly from left to right the opening of the door can be interchanged depending on the location of the installation.

  • Pan Assembly:

    This concept facilitates detaching of the Chassies from the DB and the required wiring for the circuit protection device can be done at a comfortable location.

  • Dust Gaurd:

    The cement spill protector prevents of entry of dust or cement particles inside the DB during the constructions period at the site. The installation guidelines are mentioned elaborately on cement spill protector.

  • Door Earthing:

    Door Earthing makes the entire UNO DB totally shock proof.
    Benefits: Highly shock proof.

  • Integrated Frame Design:

    UNO DB has a unique feature of the frame integrated into the BOX.

  • Front Door Aesthetics:

    The Aesthetically designed front facia of the DB adds an alluring dimension to the living space.

  • Internal Slide Knob/Latch:

    Aesthetically Appealing curved 2 pieces grey coloured auto locking latch.

  • Insulated Copper BusBar:

    All UNO DB’s have this facility for quick and easy installation for 100A Rating.

  • IP - 43 Protection:

    Offers added Protection from solid and water fall at 60 degree from verticals.

  • Ample Space for wiring:

    Ample space for wiring is provided to ensure proper distribution of neutral and earth wires.

  • Visual Anti-inserting Facility:

    Aids in identifying the box inserting level in the wall.

  • Circuit lable diagram:

    Circuit lable diagram is provided to avoid any mismatch during wiring.

  • Front Plate Studs:

    Front Plate studs are provided for easy lifting of front plate.

  • Identified Wire set:

    All UNO DB’s are equipped with wire set for better device management.

  • Double Mounting Key Holes:

    Every UNO DB is provided with key holes for flush as well as the surface mounting.

  • Shrouded Neutral Bar:

    Shrouded Neutral Bar facilitate safety of Installation and human life.

  • Installation Manual Sheet:

    UNO DB comes with installation manual sheet for safe and easy installations of the circuit breakers.

  • Identification level and Blank Plate:

    Identification level and blank plates are provided for the circuit.

  • Side Locking Din Bar:

    Stoppers are provided at the corner of the DIN bar for avoiding slippage of device.

  • Door and Shield Independent:

    During maintenance jobs, one can just remove the shield without removing the entire DB.

  • Embossed Earthing Identification:

    Clear earthing marking for ease of installation. Screw: UNO DB is equipped with stainless steel screws that prevent rushing of the surface.

  • Detachable Grand Plates with Different size of knockouts:

    Removable Gland Plates at the top and bottom of the DB facilitate easy entry and exit of the cables. Thus one can remove the entire plate from incoming outgoing terminals.

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