Connect To The Technology with Modular Series

Connect To The Technology with Modular Series Thea’s approach to design communes with modular concept.

Thea Modular USB Charger

A new period for charging without adapter starts with Thea Modular USB charger in hotel, home, office. Meet Thea Modular USB charger and get rid of the excesses. Thea Modular USB charger introduces you the direct charging comfort through USB cable without adapter. On the other side, 2 separate devices can be simultaneously charged with 5V 2A power output and 2 USB socket output of Thea Modular USB charger.

Thea Modular RCA Connector

New member of Thea family, Thea Modular RCA Connector eliminates the stress of searching for input on the devices for audio and image transfers. Now it’s easier and more comfortable to connect to the device whatever you want with Thea Modular RCA Connector.

Thea Modular HDMI Connector

New modular HDMI module of Thea family brings the facilities to your office, meeting room, hotel or home. Thanks to Thea Modular HDMI Connector, you will meet the comfort of making the connection to projection device, computer or television from the closest and single point and you will get rid of the extra cables causing visual pollution. The only thing to do for that is to make connection inside the wall to Thea Modular HDMI Connector from the device required for HDMI connection.

Thea Modular VGA Connector

What about making VGA connections over the socket on your wall? Insert VGA cable to the new Thea Modular VGA Connector and start the image transfer within seconds.

Thea Modular USB Connector

Stop searching for USB input on the television or screen with Thea Modular USB Connector! USB connection that you seek for all your documents to reflect on the screen from your device in hotel, meeting room or home is as close as Thea Modular USB Connector socket on your wall. Mount Thea Modular USB Connector on the closest accessible point and make the necessary connection to the device you want to use from the modular set. Remove all challenges and obstacles from your life with Thea.

A Forward Looking
Perspective on Design

Read on to see what makes our Thea Modular Set so special. Adorn your walls with excellence.


Choose from our rich range of modular frame options provided by Ultima, Sistema and Optima models.

Cover Plate / Rocker

Count on the Italians to teach us what style is all about. Choose from different coloured switch modules & cover plates to complement your walls.

Modular Mechanism

Do switches confuse you sometimes? Our modular mechanisms will make them easier for you! Whether it’s a switch, socket, TV/DATA, dimmer, electronic products – we’ve made it sleek and simple just for you!

Modular Wallbox and Mounting Frames

The Thea Range wasn’t made to fit in but to stand out! Choose our halogen-free modular boxes and mounting frames suitable for all kinds of walls.

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