The modern home is meant to be impeccable in every aspect of its design. Considering this sensibility, we have crafted the all-new Tiona series. It radiates elegance and beauty in every aspect. Take a look at our latest collection that will reflect your regal style. Discover your design and dial up your decor with Tiona.

A switch does much more than just connect devices - it enhances the beauty of your walls. Tiona is for every person who comprehends details and modern designs. It is a perfect blend of design and functionality that will enhance your decor. Tiona’s multifaceted range with multiple colour options and aesthetics reflects exemplary craftsmanship.

Vertical & Horizontal

  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Vertically mounted plates can fit in any space constraints
  • Looks trendy & young

Slim & Sleek Design

  • Great aesthetic
  • Blends with the wall and gives a very sleek look
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Long Operational Life

  • 1 Lakh Operations
  • No need to worry for years to come

Soft Operational Sound

  • Switches with reduced sound
  • Sound Level <65 Db

Captive Screws

  • Screws do not fall away
  • Avoid screw driver slippage


  • No live part is exposed to fingers and can be accessible only through screw driver
  • Protects against solid object larger than 12mm

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