Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip+

With continuous research and development Anchor has developed India 1st FR PVC electrical insulation tape which can withstand harsh climatic conditions and guarantees excellent physical properties. A good balance between adhesion strength, unwind force and film flexibility assures outstanding workability, high conformability and good sealing properties.

Anchor Grip+ is 1st in India to achieve Safety Mark. Safety certification “S Mark” from INTERTEK as per IEC further strengthens our commitment to our customer where we will adhere to our company’s Vision & Mission to “Manufacture, Innovative, Eco-Friendly, and Energy Saving world class products for making user’s life Simpler, Safer and Comfortable”.

Available Colours:


Features of Anchor GRIP+

  • Available in five standard colors — Black, Blue, Red, Green and yellow. All colors are fade resistant.
  • Complying to IS 7809 P-3, Sec.1
  • Uniform PVC film thickness, tape width & assured Length.
  • Provide mechanical support at High Temperatures (up to 90° C).
  • Withstands up to 6500 V AC & provides long lasting insulation.
  • Soft, stretchy, easy unwinding, good adhesion to adhere.
  • Non-migratory adhesive — Not transferred from one face to another.
  • Made from Plasticized PVC film, this gives long shelf life to Adhesive tape.
  • High adhesion strength — specially formulated in house made adhesive to improve adhesion strength and does not dry up or allow the tape to be loosened. Thanks to the good aging properties.
  • Flame Retardant — Extinguishes the fire before it is propagated.
  • Made out of soft and stretchable PVC film, ideal to be used on any surface irrespective of shapes.
  • Moisture & corrosion resistant.
  • Resistant to Acids, alkalis, oil, greases & gasoline.
  • Indoor & Outdoor applications — Weather Resistant.

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