All You Need to Know About Improving Energy Efficiency Using LED Lighting

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Always try to light your home with the same amount of light for very less money. 5% of the energy budget will be dedicated by an average household towards lighting. So if you really wish to cut-down energy bills quickly, switch to energy-saving lighting. Save $75 every year by replacing five most frequently used bulbs or light fixtures at home. But the fact is that there are some people who are not aware of these yet. In order to save more, choose high-quality products with energy star-like Panasonic LED bulbs, tube lights etc.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are extremely energy-efficient. It was used for electronics, instrument panels, and penlights before but now it is being used even for strings of door and celebration lights. The small bulbs are clustered and the manufacturers are providing expanded applications. Flashlights and headlamps were the first clustered bulbs. Nowadays LEDs are used for household light fixtures too with a cluster of 180 bulbs per cluster which are encased in diffuser lenses to spread the light in wider beams.

Why new light bulbs make a difference?

Why new light bulbs make a difference

Being in a society, we must not think only about energy savings at our home but also in our streets too. Now let’s see the advantages of LED lightings.

  • LEDs don’t have a filament and are not damaged or broken. It can be jarred or bumped as they are strong.
  • Directional lighting with LEDs.
  • Long-lasting as compared to typical incandescent
  • High efficiency with 2-17 W
  • LED bulbs as they prevent heat build-up thereby reducing air conditioning costs at the same time.
  • Cost-effective
  • Remote areas lighting and portable generators
  • Mercury-free

To light up commercial buildings, the most concerning factor is energy consumption, based on U.S. Energy Information Administration. You can easily reduce environmental impact at home or office by improving or changing the light efficiency.

Here are some ways to save your money on utility costs while purchasing lighting

save your money on utility costs while purchasing lighting

  • Replace standard light bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs

If you are really looking forward to greater savings, use LED light bulbs to save an extra 5 per cent and lasts 25 times longer.

  • Energy-efficient lighting habits must be practised

It is advisable to turn off lights while leaving the room or building. If the room is large, smaller lights can be installed instead of the overhead light.

  • Set the timers to switch off the lights

In an office building, you can set the timer to get the lights off 15 or 30 minutes after closing the office. Same can be done at home too, set a timer when everyone leaves for school or work in the morning.

  • Use motion sensors

This will be quite useful when light is required but not continuously. For example, in a place between the staircase and basement, where the light will be switched on only when there is a motion. Sensors can also be installed in workspaces or outside for utility and security.

How to choose an LED light bulb that improves efficiency?

There are different kinds and patterns of LED available in the market. Check out these tips when choosing LED bulbs next time.

  • Check for desired brightness

The first thing you must check about LED lights must be its brightness. It should match with your requirement. To check illumination, use wattage and the new method to compare is lumens. If the measured value is higher in lumens, then the brightness will also be higher and vice versa.

  • Select between cool and warm light

When choosing the LED lights for home, don’t choose warm or cool bulbs, but choose in between that. Warm light bulbs are used for a small area of lighting whereas cool light is used for task lighting purposes.

  • Should you buy a 3-way bulb?

In the market, 3-way bulbs are available to replace 30, 60 and 75-watt incandescent bulbs. 3-way bulbs will consume 80% less than incandescent bulbs.

  • Check for pin base or standard base

LEDs are available in different types of standard screw types or pin sockets for track lighting.

  • Choose best-quality bulbs

Don’t buy LED lights from discounters, try to purchase the quality one always. The discounters will provide only low-quality products which will fail easily.

  • Certifications are mandatory

Check for the certifications like Energy Star, UL and FCC.

So, as of now, you will never make any errors while choosing high-quality LEDs. Right? Alright!! Now we shall see the different types of LED lights available in the market to improve energy efficiency and their benefits.

Different type of LEDs

  • LED Bulb

With varied watts and styles, LED bulbs to make your house and offices a bright one. You can choose Kiglo Omni LED Bulb for low watts range like 3W-15W and Kiglo hyper high wattage LED bulb for the ranges between 20W-50W. These are used in area lighting for rooms, hallways, reading lamps, areas where lights remain for a prolonged period.

  • LED Tube Light

To replace traditional tubes, LED tubes are used in fluorescent lamp luminaires and it has a base of G5 and G13. LED tubes are being used because of its energy efficiency and have a long life as compared to fluorescent tubes. LED tube lights are of different kinds which are based on retro-fit design, compatible with electronic ballast, compatible with narrow T5 fluorescent tubes etc. They are used for general lighting purposes, motion detectors etc.

  • Batten

Albright LED Batten Light is a trend in today’s home and official purposes to impart a rich look to the surroundings. It has a long life and enhances energy efficiency too. Since it doesn’t take space as other retro tube lights, it looks simple and great.

  • Down Light

In order to replace the typical incandescent, this was one of the earlier products by the industry. Their efficiency and colour can’t be replaced by others. Downlights come in different shapes and types according to users’ choice like LED Down Light-Circular, LED Down Light-Square, Lumor Modan Led Down Light-Circular, LED Eco Down Light-Square, LED Eco Down Light-Circular, Surface Down Light –Square etc.

  • Outdoor light

A number of retrofitting has been done nowadays in streets, roadways etc that are lighted at night. They are well suited to Outdoor LED lighting as it enhances energy efficiency where it is needed while limiting light trespass and wasted energy.

  • Spotlight

LED spotlight provides direct and intense lights for various optical and imaging applications. The main advantage of LED spotlights is they can be set in any direction where the light is needed more.

  • Candle Light

It is designed to replace incandescent candelabra bulbs. Candle Light Lamp of 3W can deliver light of 25-30 W incandescent. The light from Candlelight won’t disperse downwards as in typical incandescent bulbs.

  • MR16

Multifaceted Reflector (MR) 16 lamps replace regular incandescent light bulbs in retail and residential lighting. They were designed to be used in slide projectors. They can be used where light is required in a range of low to medium intensity like desk lamps, pendant fixtures, track lighting, display retail lighting etc.


Reducing electricity consumption imparts your house or office building more efficiency which in turn beneficial to your money savings policy and the environment too. Analyze your daily lighting practices and leverage inefficient technology. You will surely be able to reduce unwanted costs of energy and ensure lower utility bills every year.

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