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Fostering a Meaningful and Sustainable Future Through Our Global Initiative - Green Impact

Leaving a Mark

With over 45 years of profound expertise in solar energy, we at Panasonic Electric Works India Private Limited(PWEIN), are committed to driving India's green and clean energy initiative. Aligned with our global commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, PEWIN actively endeavors to shape a sustainable future for the nation through innovative solar power solutions. Our focus extends across a range of high-quality solar products, including modules, inverters, and streetlights, complemented by reliable turnkey services for Solar EPC projects and O&M. With expertise spanning residential, commercial, and industrial segments, PEWIN ensures a steadfast commitment to quality and reliability. Notably, we have recently introduced residential solar kits in select regions of Maharashtra and are gearing up for a nationwide rollout. At PEWIN, we don't just shape the future of solar energy; we #ChargeUpTheFuture and illuminate the way toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

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Our Solar Solutions

A Green Act Begins From Home


A Green Act Begins From Home

In alignment with our global efforts to expand clean energy and achieve net-zero emissions, Panasonic is dedicated to contributing towards India's green and clean energy initiative.

Leading IT Company in India

Executed Total of 40MWp Ground Mount and 5MWp rooftop solar project

Gro Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd., Dhule, Maharashtra

Executed 10 MW Ground Mount Solar plant for Gro Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. As part of Agrovoltaics

IBS Software India, Trivandrum, Kerala

Executed 418kW Solar Rooftop Project for IBS Software for their IT campus in Trivandrum

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Why Solar?


Positive Environmental Impact

Harness solar power to make a positive environmental impact by significantly reducing your carbon footprint.


Energy Independence

Achieve energy independence through the adoption of solar technology, empowering your property with sustainable, self-generated power.


Increase Property Value

Increase your property value by incorporating solar technologies, attracting eco-conscious buyers and showcasing a commitment to renewable energy.


Government Incentives and Tax Benefits

Explore government incentives and tax benefits that accompany solar adoption, further enhancing the appeal of sustainable energy solutions.


Reduce Energy Bills

Embrace solar solutions to reduce energy bills, providing both financial savings and environmental benefits.

solaricon1Positive Environmental Impact
why icon2Energy Independence
icon3Increase Property Value
why4Government Incentives and Tax Benefits
why5Reduce Energy Bills

Positive Environmental Impact

Harness solar power to make a positive environmental impact by significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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