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The interface and flow of MirAIe is designed keeping you in mind. With assistance at every step and a simple interface, navigating through the MirAIe platform is absolutely comfortable No complicated procedures, no hi-tech jargon; just a simple flow to help you connect your life easily.

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Smart Retrofit Controller

MirAIe platform is designed for enhanced comfort. It automatically manages the temperature profile and mode of AC based on indoor and outdoor temperature, external humidity.


  • Smooth Operation: Switch on/off the AC, change the temperature, mode and speed with just a click.
  • Personalised Experience: Customise the AC settings and preset it to a temperature you prefer.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Set hourly temperature profile for ideal comfort at any time.
  • Live Healthy: Receive alerts on your smartphone when the pollution level increases and purify the air around by swinging ion Nano-E- Technology.
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Fan Speed Controller

Intuitive home dashboard providing immediate control over the fan speed.


  • Speed Control: Change the speed and mode with a click.
  • On/Off Timer: Set the timer to switch the fan On/Off.
  • Temperature Reading: Find out the room temperature.
  • AI Mode: Manage the room’s temperature by synchronising the fan’s speed with MirAIe AC.
  • Intelligent Mode: speed adjust with humidity and temperature.
  • Nature Mode: Speed changes in interval of 1 minute in a pre-defined manner.
  • Turbo Mode: Enable fan to run at full speed.
  • Sleep Mode: Fan will change speed by 1 step down after one hour.
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Roma Smart Digital

In today’s world, statements are made subtly yet boldly. Roma Smart Digital is function-wise strong, and form-wise sensational.


  • Fan Control.
  • Captive Dimming.
  • Light Control.
  • Master On/Off.
  • Curtain/Shutter/Blind Control.

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