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Industrial Cables i.e. Multi Core Cables are those, used in industries to power heavy machinery. For residential purposes Multi Core Cables are used in ACs and water fletching pumps. These cables have more than one core. Irrigation Cables i.e. Submersible Cables are one which are used to power submersible pumps which go deep down in the earth surface to fetch water.

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Multi Core Flexible Cables

Multi Core Flexible Cables

The Multi Core Cables conforming to ISI 694:2010 is made with a highly flexible copper conductor and specially formulated flexible PVC insulation and sheathing.


  • Confirms to IS 694: 2010.
  • PVC insulation and sheathing.
  • Higher oxygen index and temperature index.
  • 100% electrolytic tough pitch grade copper with 99.97% purity.
  • 101% conductivity.
  • 100% bunching.
  • 60% extra annealing for enhanced flexibility.
  • Class 5 conductors.
3 Core Flat Submersible Cable

3 Core Flat Submersible Cable

The 3 Core Flat Submersible Cables are specifically manufactured to power submersible pumps which go deep inside the earth’s surface to fetch water. This specially designed cable can provide energy to submersible pumps installed under water in harsh & hostile conditions.


  • 100% electrolytic tough pitch grade copper with 99.97% purity.
  • PVC insulated and PVC sheathed.
  • Tough & flexible cable with excellent moisture, abrasion & weather resistance.
  • Safe, reliable with excellent wet electrical properties.
  • Good insulation properties when submerged in water.
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties.
  • Working voltage - 1100 Volt.
  • Progressive sequential length marking on every metre.
  • Conductor - bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper.
  • Outer sheath comprises of highly abrasion resistant PVC.
  • Specification - ISI 694:2010.
  • Available in drums of cable length 500 metre +/- 5% and 100 metre.

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