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Experience the epitome of style, and storage with our Calisto water heater, boasting unparalleled aesthetic appeal and a contemporary design. Packed with top-end features, it redefines comfort and efficiency, elevating your bathing experience to new heights.

Calisto at a Glance

Best-in-class features with innovative technology that saves energy.

5 star rated, energy efficient geysers keeps water hot for a longer period of time, thereby ensuring lower energy consumption.

Glass-lined inner tank for tank protection against corrosive elements in water.

Long life Magnesium anode for tank & heating element protection against corrosive elements.

Incoloy 800 glass-lined heating element for hard water resistance and long lasting performance.

4 in 1 multifunction safety valve that protects the water heater from damage due to temperature and pressure fluctuation.

8 Bar pressure protection against water pressure suitable in high-rise buildings and pressure pump application.

Two-stage protection with high precision pre-calibrated thermostat and preset thermal cutout for regulated water heating.

Adjustable temperature controller to achieve the desired temperature of water.

Premium design which matches any washroom decor for a premium appeal.

IPX4 rated for protection of the water heater against steam and accidental splashes.

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