Top designer ceilings fans to enhance your home decor!

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There are no two ways that ceiling fans are one of the biggest consumers of electricity in Indian households. As the desire of having a modern decor is surfacing these days, house owners are taking every possible step to upgrade their interiors. House owners have started investing their money in premium and designer ceiling fans.

designer ceilings fan

Featuring a fusion of modern design and cutting-edge engineering, designer ceiling fans are creating a boom in the marketplace. They have been adding a touch of premium luxury to space and assuring a flawless interior. With a futuristic design, they are also giving the assurance of energy-efficiency and optimum performance. As technology is evolving every single day, a range of super-efficient BLDC fans is becoming widely popular and serving both the purpose of good aesthetics and high-performance. Technologically unmatched and governed by the advanced principles of aerodynamics, they reduce friction and air turbulence to assure an effective silent operation. When it comes to exclusivity and elegance, these smart fans save on energy and do not compromise on style.

We, at Anchor, have been offering a range of designer ceiling fans in the Indian marketplace so that our customers can never compromise on quality and style. From designer to luxury to economy, we cater to every type of needs and requirements!

Here is the list of top designer ceiling fans that consumers should invest in this summer: 

Lumen’ Air Ceiling Fan: Give your home a beautiful language of its own with this ceiling fan! Featuring mesmerizing aesthetic design, long-lasting metallic paint finish, unique trims, canopy and bottom cover housing, this fan has everything you need. The wider blades are meant to assure superior air thrust and while the powerful motor provides good air delivery. It comes with contemporary LED under the light fan and is operated by remote control for fan speed, LED and off timer.

Available Colours:

  • Pearl Ivory
  • Pearl White

Stiler Ceiling Fan: The powerful motor for superior operation along with a trendy design on the blades make this ceiling a must-have! The wider blades are set for effective air circulation while the pre-greased double ball bearings guarantee noiseless operation. It also comprises die-casted aluminium motor covers, aluminium blades and long-lasting metallic finish to avoid deterioration on edges of blades.

Available Colours:

  • Beige Brown
  • Metallic Ivory
  • Metallic White

Cameo Ceiling Fan: Comprising a unique body ring, blade trims and canopy ring for better aesthetics, this ceiling fan is something you need to add a fun transformation in your space. Featuring a powerful motor and wider blades, the fan assures effective air circulation throughout the room. While the long-lasting paint finish is set for good looks while the aluminium blade assures better strength.

Available Colours:

  • Flamingo
  • Water Chestnut
  • Pearl White

Penta Turbo Decor Ceiling Fan: Featuring wider blades for effective air circulation, this ceiling fan comes with a high-speed motor for good air delivery and air thrust. The combination of amazing elements like unique blade trim, body ring, and canopy ring are altogether guarantee better aesthetics. In addition to this, the long-lasting metallic paint finish eradicates the deterioration on edges of blades and assures an elegant appeal.

Available Colours:

  • White
  • Charm Silver
  • Ivory
  • Amber Gold

Speedbolt Ceiling Fan: As the name suggests, this ceiling fan in designer category assures high-end cooling performance. It has a powerful motor that assures a silent operation, while the wider blades provide effective air circulation. It also features pre-greased double ball bearings, die-casted aluminium motor covers, aluminium blades, and long-lasting metallic finish to avoid deterioration on edges of blades. The best part is it comes in a range of colours to complement any type of home decor.

Available Colours:

  • Pearl Ivory
  • Pearl White
  • Ruby
  • Olive Green
  • Aqua Blue
  • Baker-Brown Gold
  • Matt White Chrome

XL Premium Ceiling Fan: Featuring a powerful anti-dust technology, this premium ceiling fan is dust resistant and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. It comprises an advanced combo of wider tip blades and pre-greased double ball bearings for effective air circulation and silent operation.

Available Colours:

  • Metallic Lavender
  • Metallic Copper Bronze
  • Pearl White Chrome
  • Pearl Ivory
  • Titanium Silver
  • Olive Green
  • Purple Chrome
  • Peach Gold-Copper
  • Mauve Gold
  • Matt White

Dezire Ceiling Fan: Add lustre to the aesthetics of room with stylish high gloss electroplated motor and removable under the light. It comes with the convenience of a pull cord for speed and light control. Four decorative lampshades are provided for the added aesthetics. It is available in both options i.e. with light and without light.

Available Colours:

  • Antique Brass
  • Antique Copper
  • Brush Steel

So, these are some of our top picks of designer ceiling fans! Check out more about our range of designer ceiling fans in detail.

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