Top small ceiling fans ideal for your kitchen on Amazon India


It can become highly inconvenient to grind for hours in the kitchen amid the cooking odours and stagnant air. However, such problems can become a thing of the past with kitchen ceiling fans. They can help in circulating the trapped indoor air and get rid of those odours and even annoying flies! If you are looking to buy a ceiling fan for your kitchen, make sure its dimensions are ideal, and it fits perfectly without any obstructions. Moreover, look for only those fans that offer a decent speed and air delivery. Following are a few good options for kitchen ceiling fans available on Amazon.


The Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan is a small yet powerful fan that delivers a speed of 870 RPM, making sure you experience a cool breeze as soon as you switch it on. It is powered by double ball bearing technology, which enables the ceiling fan to operate without noise, ensuring you won’t be disturbed by any pesky mechanical sounds. Moreover, it secures the various moving parts of the ceiling fan against friction, enhancing the fan’s lifespan. The Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan features a high torque motor that allows it to perform instantly after the start, guaranteeing no delay. It boasts superior grade aluminium blades that are claimed to augment the durability of the fan while making it lighter and faster. This kitchen ceiling fan consumes merely 66W of electricity, making it economical and pocket-friendly for you.


The Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan runs on the BLDC technology (Brushless Direct Current), which allows the fan to consume only 28W of electricity at its highest speed, making it both energy and cost-efficient for you. It can run at consistent speeds even if there is low voltage and comes equipped with power surge protection, ensuring the motor remains safe from any power surges. Moreover, the Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan comes with a smart remote that consists of a boost, sleep and timer mode, bringing you ease and convenience. It features aluminium blades that give the fan a rust-free and long life. Apart from these, some other notable features of this ceiling fan are LED speed indicators, longer blades, and a sleek motor design.


The Anchor by Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan offers high-quality double ball bearings, ensuring there is no friction and noise between the moving parts of the fan. Hence, this kitchen ceiling fan offers a frictionless and noiseless operation, making sure you don’t hear any annoying sounds. It has an RPM of 810 and a sweep of 600mm that allows the fan to give greater air thrust. Moreover, this kitchen ceiling fan consists of a die-casted aluminium motor for rust-free operation.    



The Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm features a daffodil inspired design that would give your kitchen an aesthetic look. It is a 380 RPM high-speed fan with a sweep size of 1250 mm that enables it to give a breezy and comfortable experience. It is powered by a 100% copper motor that helps with smoother operations, ensuring you won’t have to spend any extra money or efforts on its maintenance. Moreover, it has a 240 CMM air delivery, allowing it to deliver enhanced circulation to the different corners of your kitchen. This Usha ceiling fan is coated with Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints that makes the fan resistant to dust, moisture, oil, scratches, and stains, making sure its upkeep is easy and convenient.

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