Beauty Comes from Within

The best cooking comes from the heart.

That’s why we design our L-CLASS KITCHEN for you to express yourself with love.

A beautiful blend of art and science that allows you to put character in your cooking.

From sensible storage to streamlined aesthetics, everything is perfectly placed for you to get creative in the kitchen.

The Panasonic L-CLASS KITCHEN. Let your inner beauty shine.

Beauty of Art

A symphony of style and simplicity. An expression of elegance and efficiency.

Everything in our L-CLASS KITCHEN is carefully considered, beautifully designed, and exactly where you need it.

Beauty of Science

Every one of our 100 years’ experience goes into our L-CLASS KITCHEN.

Our research ensures reliability. Our technology enables comfort. From organic material compounds that

create stain-free surfaces, to expertly-designed ergonomic storage features, there’s brains behind the beauty.

Beautiful Selections

Beautiful experience at our showroom

We’ve been listening to customers for over 100 years – and those insights inspire us.

From the first consultation to the final build, we work with you to create the perfect kitchen that

reflects your personality and supports your lifestyle. Comfort and convenience, tailor-made for you.


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