Panasonic I-Class Kitchens are a range of luxury kitchens created to compliment your home decor and your style without the steep costs.We have combined best-in-class materials sourced from across India and the latest technology from Japan, to offer you luxury kitchen solutions that follow stringent apanese quality standards.

Our team of in-house professionals works closely with you to offer exclusive design services and helps you source kitchen appliances from our product range. We are happy to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Panasonic I-Class Kitchens feature unmatched premium luxury with options in glass, wood and stone finish. Some of our unique features include SS mat (SS 304), combination pallets, soft pull-down shelves, smart rubber strips for total protection and smart countertops with Japanese sinks.


Personalise your kitchen with customised countertops.

Experience the long-lasting beauty of crosspiece reinforced countertops.

Our countertops are anything but fragile. Strengthened by crosspiece reinforcement, they will not break even if a steel ball* is dropped on the surface! The hard material does not break or crack even when the force of 40MPA is applied. (*400g steel ball dropped from 100cm)


Never worry about a colour mismatch!

Coordinate your Panasonic Kitchen with your home decor. A kitchen should be a space where you enjoy cooking every day.

With customised design options of cabinet doors in hundreds of colours and patterns in varied materials and finishes, you will find it easy to choose your absolute favourites. So you can create a kitchen that is uniquely YOU.


A high quality stainless steel sink offers outstanding cleanliness.

  • Seamless joints
  • Zero seepage
  • Zero seepage
  • Under sink with stainless steel mat


The seamless surface keeps the sink stain resistant and easy to clean

Smart cooking nets

Wide drainage basket


Smart and effective use of space achieves three-dimensional storage of the right item in the right place.

You can choose the colour of the small appliance storage unit.

he unit is also available in a stately grain tone that adds a decorative accent to the monochrome door.

Small appliance storage

  • Dish storage with ‘rotary mesh baskets’
  • Active wall storage unit
  • all pantry with different size variations
  • High counter plan for small appliances
  • Wall-mounting type

Smart rubber strip

  • Zero-dust guarantee
  • 100% cockroach-proof


Easy to store, easy to take out. With advanced, large-capacity storage.

The WonderFULL cabinet provides easy and convenient storage of kitchen items without wasting space.

Even if you store items up at the back of the drawer, this ‘fully open’ type of drawer pulls out effortlessly so you can retrieve them easily.

Under-hob units

Under-hob unit for grill-less stove

mart under-sink unit with two sliding drawers

Stainless still mat


The poetry of ergonomics where everything is within arm’s reach.

You can choose from a handle-less wall unit or a unit with a handle. The handle-less w all unit gives the kitchen a sophisticated look with its even and sleek design.

ou can move the storage rack down to your eye level to conveniently take out the items you need.

owering the wall unit from a height ‘out of arm’s reach’ to a height ‘within arm’s reach’ makes easier to store and retrieve items.

SoftDown wall units for kitchen
(375 mm in depth)

Wall unit with a hinged door lighting space

Width 600 mm

Width 900 mm


Hate crowded countertops while cooking?

You will love the combination pallet with its pull-down shelf!

The combination pallet is a multi-purpose shelf-cum-storage nook that expands the usage space in your kitchen.

imply pull it out to park your dishes and extra items while cooking and keep your working area on the counter free to use.

The upper shelf can be used to store seasonings and paper towels that are frequently used during cooking. (Maximum load capacity: 3 kg)

The lower shelf can be used as a temporary space for putting prepared foods. (Maximum load capacity: 5 kg)

The bar handle can also be used to hang dish towels and measuring spoons. (S-shaped hooks are included.)

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