Modular Kitchen Features



Doors / Handles / Counter

Doors in a wide variety of finishes and materials, including beautiful paint and natural wood, have a profound look that combines with highly decorative countertops to create a higher-grade dining space in rich color variations


For impression – wide range of colour selection in shutter counter top & handles.

Handle options

Elegant choice of Handle ranges.

Countertops (slimmest counter top technology with quartz)

Personalize your kitchen in every minute detail, including the fit of the counter and colors.

Selectable fit of counter and end panel

The atmosphere and usability vary with the thickness and fitting method of the counter and end panel. You can select them according to your preference.



Smart Storage / Cupboard

Designed for space and efficiency, our storage units are attractive and useful in equal parts. What makes them unique is their smart design, making it easy to stack your wares and remove them as well. They enhance the convenience aspect of your kitchen quite significantly

pull down

Pull down system

Lowering the wall unit from a height “out of arm’s reach” to a height “within arm’s reach” makes easier to store and retrieve items.

Segregation System

Easy to store, Easy to take out. Advanced, large-capacity storage.


Floor stocker Model

Lowering the wall unit from a height “out of arm’s reach” to a height “within arm’s reach” makes easier to store and retrieve items.

This to be shown with FLOOR STOCKER TECHNOLOGY , which means extra 10% more storage with same size of kitchen.

Wagon trolley

Smart wagon storage option can be use for multiple options like storage / garbage (wet and dry)/ Gas cylinder mover etc.

options pic

Rice chest for hinged door

Smart Rice stocker storage with dispense options.

Smart corner solution

Smart corner solution- which leads to zero wastage of space.



Counter / Sink / Option

In every Panasonic Kitchen, we make sure that the make is truly par excellence in every single way. No compromise will happen from the materials used to the finish of the eventual product, to provide you with the very best.

Strongest Counter top- 300 degree sustain and stain free

Consideration for easy cleaning

Mixing water and oil repellents into the counter material makes stains easy to remove.So, cleaning is easier with the Gralio Series.

counter top


Seamless joints

The seamless surface keeps the sink stain-resistant and easy to clean.


Certification of Strongest carcass board and Eco friendly.


Global certifications and awards


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