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It’s important to have adequate lighting in your home, whether it’s an apartment, or individual house. And what with prices of LED bulbs and tube lights in India at a never-before low, this is the best time to switch over! Throw away your power sucking old bulbs, tube lights and CFLs, and join millions worldwide who have chosen LED lighting.

You need lights that make reading and other tasks easy and comfortable; make your home safe and look beautiful too! Anchor presents an amazing array of LED lights for your home – whether you’re looking for panel lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, or something more. Dazzle friends and family with our elegant, affordable and super energy efficient lights.

Anchor is a trusted name in the world of electrical products for the last half century, and we have always been known for our quality standards and adaptability. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of LED tube lights and LED ceiling lights in India. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of innovations in the industry. From the incandescent bulbs to tube lights to CFLs and now to LED lights, we have been among the first to make the transition and provide the latest to our customers.

Our LED tube light fittings, switches, and other electrical and wiring equipment are efficient and durable, because at Anchor, we don’t compromise on quality. No wonder then, that we are trusted by homeowners, large corporations, hospitals, hotels, institutions, government organizations and administrations alike for their lighting requirements.