Water Heater

Why choose Panasonic Duro Water Heaters?

No more bulky ugly looking bathroom accessories. Make way for sleek, stylish and functional. This truly world-class product with an elegant design was made for a smarter lifestyle. More on our fresh new look below.

What does it do for you?

The Digital Temperature Display comes with an innovative technology that enables you to pre-set the time and temperature at which hot water is required every day. Eco Mode pre-sets the temperature at 55 ºC ensuring speed and optimum use of hot water at the desired temperature.

What’s more is that it also comes with a unique 1.8mm thick glass-lined coated inner tank which is corrosion-resistant and increases the life-span of the inner tank. It also carries a 10-year warranty, ensuring a trouble-free long usage.

Glass lined inner tank

Especially designed enamel-coated tank which prevents corrosion due to hard water.

Glass-lined Heating Element

Comes with a special enamel coated heating panel that gives better protection and longer life.

Magnesium Anode

A special enamel coated heating enamel that gives better protection and longer life.

Improved Energy Saving

High density and thick PUF ensures energy efficiency and reduced electricity bill.

Panasonic Water Heater - Duro

The Best in Technology and Performance

  • The Digital Temperature Display allows you to set the temperature as per your desired needs. The digital display shows the temperature on the LED screen.
  • The water heater comes with IPX 4 protection which safeguards the electrical parts from water spills and splashes making the water heater more reliable and dependable.
  • It also contains a 4-in-1 MFSV, Pressure Relief Valve, Non-Return Valve, Drain Valve, and Vacuum Relief Valve.
  • The tank is proved to pass 160,000 cycles impulse pressure test which can withstand high pressure and pressure pump applications.