Solar Inverter

The day we were founded in 1918 and through the 100 years since we’ve developed innovative technologies across ever-changing social landscapes. Now, it’s time to protect the next generation and pave the way for the future. We deliver sleek design, industry-leading power conversion, extreme all-weather durable solar products.

We offer a complete range of solar modules for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our experience, expertise, and world-class, high-quality products fulfil the solar power requirements for our partners and end-users in the long run, by ensuring risk-free installation for long life.

Panasonic has 100 years of experience
More than 56 Years presence in India
40+years solar expertise
Solar operations in India since 2014

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  1. Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  2. Dual MPP trackers
  3. Type II SPD on DC side
  4. Supports export control
  5. Touch key and OLED display
  6. Data storage up to 25 years
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Mono PERC half cut

  1. Maximum efficiency 98.7%
  2. 40% compact and lighter
  3. Dual MPP trackers
  4. Supports export control
  5. Touch key and OLED display
  6. Type II SPD on AC and DC side
  7. Data storage up to 25 years
  8. DC side 2 in 1 connection enabled
(Download Datasheet)


Mono PERC Full Cell

  1. Max. efficiency 98.6%
  2. OLED and Touch button
  3. Type II SPD on DC and AC side
  4. String Monitoring
  5. AFCI optional
  6. Seamless integrated optimizer solution optional
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Poly Half Cut

  1. Maximum efficiency of 97.6%
  2. Compact design
  3. Touch key and OLED display
  4. Flexible interface
  5. AFCI optional
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