High electricity bills getting you down? Worried about home security when you’re away? Elderly family members living alone? Now, get complete peace of mind with Anchor’s sensor lights for your home!

A motion sensor switch turns on a light when it detects a movement within its field of view. The light stays on for a preset amount of time, and will get switched off if no movement is detected within a specified time period. Anchor is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable, efficient and durable motion sensor lights in India.

Thanks to the motion sensors, you need not switch on lights in areas of your home where there is no actual need. Simply install motion sensor light switches everywhere, and ensure the lights are on only when and where someone enters or moves about the room; that too, only when there is insufficient natural light. Yes, it means that it normally switches on when it’s dark.  An absolute must-have when you have aged family members. Ensure adequate lighting for them when they want to move about in the dark.

This is also a great feature to have if you often forget to switch off lights when you leave a room. Make big savings on your power bills with very little effort.

What’s more, as the light stays on for a very short time, you can extend the life of your lights – change them less often, and save more money.

By installing motion sensor alarms, you can also prevent intruders from walking in. The sensor will detect movement, setting off an alarm and alerting you to the presence of unwelcome visitors.

Bring home Anchor motion sensor lights and alarms today and ensure safety for your family!