Safety Flexibility & Eco Friendly

Panasonic DBs comes with a unique array of features and manufactured as per IS standards, and using special 1.2mm thickness CRCA sheet. It's also environmental friendly as it meets the RoHS compliance defined by the European Standard.

Construction & Features

  • Manutactured as per IS standard - S13032/ IS8623-3
  • Manufactured using special 1.2 mm thickness CRCA sheet an per IS513D grade
  • Envrionment Friendly, meets the RoHS compliance delined by the European Standard
  • Fully Powder coated in RAL9010 white color SG finish and 50-70 micron powder coating thickness
  • IP 43 (Degree of protection) complaint metal double door offers added safety
  • Reversible Door facility imparts flexbility at the installation
  • Pan asssembly for easy installation of MCBs/RCCBs
  • Corner shields with smooth edges provide added security to the boards and shield them against physical damage such as bending and peeling of paint etc.
  • Suitable for flush as well as surface mounting
  • Ample wiring space is provided to ensure proper distribution of neutral & earthing wires
  • The sides of distribution boards are equipped with special marking that help to identify box-inserting level in the wall, when being used for flushed mounting
  • Equipped with insulaled Bus bar rating 100A
  • Independent shield & door offers added flexibility & convenience of just removing the shield during maintenance job
  • Double Door is seperately packed for preventing rusting
  • Equiped with complete set of wires for the internal wiring of the distribution board
  • Circuit table diagrams enclosed with the DB to avoid any mismatch during wiring
  • Products
  • Unique Features
  • Ingress Protection
Unique Features
1. Reversible Door

By simply shifting the hinge assembly from left to right the opening of the door can be interchanges depending on the location of the installation.

Benefits: Unique flexibility as per customer convenience at the time of installation.

2. Dust Guard

The Cement spill protector prevents antry of dust or cement particles inside the DB during the construction period at site. The installation guidelines are mentiones elaborately on cement spill protector.


  1. The Cement spill protector ensures zero infiltration of dust or cement particles inside the DB.
  2. The portable damage of the door is avoided.
3. Front Door Aesthetics

The Aesthetically designed front fascia of the DB an alluring dimension to the living space.


  1. Blend with any interior decor.
  2. A distribution board that you no longer need to hide!
4. Pan Assembly

This concept facilities detachingof the Chassies from the DB & the required wiring for the circuit protection device can be done at a comfortable location.

Benefits: Easy and comfortable installation of the internal wiring. Reduces the installation time and cost.

5. Door Earthing

Door earthing makes the entire DB totally shock proof.

Benefits: Highly shock proof.

6. Integrated Frame Design

DB has a unique feature of the frame integrated into the Box.


  1. The maintenance friendly design consist of simple 3 parts modular construction.
  2. This aids in decreasing the number of subassemblies and thus provides additional space for cable assembly.
Ingress Protection
IP (Ingress Protection) rating given to an encolsure states the degree of protection it offers by means of two digits. A summary of these is shown below. For detailed defenition, please refer IEC 60529:2000, BS EN 60529:1992.

There are two digits for IP Protection

First Digit: Defines the protection offered against penetration by solid objects and access to hazardous parts.

Test IP Protection
0 No Protection
1 Protected against solid objects up to 50 mm.
e.g. accidental touch by hands
2 Protected against solid objects up to 12 mm.
e.g. fingers
3 Protected against solid objects up to 2.5 mm.
e.g. tools & wires
4 Protected against solid objects up to 1 mm.
e.g. tools & wires
5 Protected against dust - limited ingress, no harmful deposits
6 Totally protected against dust

Second Digit: Defines the protection offered against ingress of water.

Test IP Protection
0 No Protection
1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water. e.g. Condensation
2 Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15° from the vertical
3 Protected against sprays of water up to 60° from the vertical
4 Protected against splash from all directions-limted ingress permitted.
5 Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions limited ingress permitted.
6 Protected against strong jets of water. e.g. for use on ship decks - limted ingress permitted.