Construction & Features
  • Can be used safely as incomer
  • Heavy duty frame for the complete range
  • Silver alloy contacts for weld free operations
  • Clear ON-OFF Indication for the complete range
  • Low watt loss
  • Utilization category AC22A
  • Products
  • Specifications
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Standard Conformity

IS/IEC 60947-3

Technical Data

No. of Poles (Execution) SP, DP, TP, FP
Rated Current (In) A 40A, 63A, 100A
Rated Voltage (Ue) V~ SP: AC 240V, Others: AC 415V
Rated Frequency (f) Hz 50Hz
Utilization Category AC 22A
Rated Impulse Voltage 6kV
Dielectric Strength 2000V 1min
Protection Class IP20
Mounting On Din Rail (35mm x 7.5mm)
Connections 40A/63A, to for Cu conductors
100A, to for Cu conductors