Safe, Simple and Comfortable

Panasonic MCB brings across high quality and safety, contributing its best expertise for the Indian electricity distribution, securing lives and electrical installations.

Construction & Features

  • State of the art design
    • Elegant appearance, cover and handle in arc shape for comfortable operation
    • Contact position indicationg window (Clear ON-OFF Indicator)
  • Three level indications For ON, OFF & TRIP (Under Fault)
  • Rated short circuit capacity: 10000A (10kA)
  • Trip free mechanism
  • High speed and high breaking capacity mechanism
  • Terminal block with safety shutter: It prevents wrong wiring & burning of terminals
  • High speed wiping cotact structure
  • Bi-connect terminals at both sides give choice of using either a busbar or cable to make connection
  • Environment friendly, Meets the RoHS Compliance defined by the European Standards
  • Power loss values are much lower than the specified values of IS/IEC making it the most energy-efficient MCB
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Standard Conformity

IS/IEC 60898-1:2008

Technical Data

Type B C D
Magnetic Release Setting (3-5) In (5-10) In (10-20) In
No. of Poles (Execution) SP SP, SP+N, DP, TP, TP+N, FP SP, DP, TP, FP
Rated Current (In) A 6A to 63A
Rated Voltage (Ue) V~ SP, TP+N: AC 240V/415V,   SP+N: AC 240V,   DP,TP,FP: AC 415V
Rated Frequency (f) Hz 50Hz
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 1000 A
Serive Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 7500 A
Energy Limitation Class 3
Tripping Mechanism Thermal & Magnetic Type
Normal Ambient Temparature 30oC
Power Loss Much less than standard values
Rated Impulse Voltage 4kV
Dielectric Strength 2000V 1min
Protection Class IP20
Mounting On DIN Rail (35mm x 7.5mm)
Connections 1 to 25 for Cu conductors
1. Three Level Indicator

Panasonic MCB is having Three Level Indications to identify clear ON, OFF, and TRIP POSITION. The Trip Position helps user to identify the fault ciruit.

2. High Speed Mechanism

This is a mechanism of a Breaker that, compared to a General Breaker, cuts off the current several times faster (High Speed) while suppressing the large current (current limiting) in respect to a large current (short circuit current) when a short circuit accident occurs.

3. Safe & energy efficient

Minimum let through energy in case of fault; ensures safety and longetivity of downstream circuit/installation.

capacity (A)
Energy Limiting Classes
1 I2t max(A2s) 2 I2t max(A2s) 3 I2t max(A2s)
B-type   C-type B-type     C-type B-type   C-type
1000 limit   specified 310000   370000 90000   110000
4. Independent manual operation

The handle and the contact move independently in order to create a firm and instantaneous contact when connecting together.

5. Wiping contact structure

Wiping contact design ensures the proper current flow with continuity, while contact makes on condition, to prevent no contact defect.

6. Safety shutter

Fully insulated safety shutters provide safety in connection. During wiring, they guide the cable towards the terminal clamp and the shutter gives total protection.

7. Double terminal on both sides

Customer have the choice of using either a bus bar or cable to make connections on both sides thus providing the ultimate flexibility.

8. Dust preventing surface

The surface of MCB has been designed in such a way that it does not allow dust to settle on its surface. The MCB thus retains it's new look for years.