Complete Protection Enhanced

Panasonic RCCBs provide reliable protection by interrupting the circuit in the event of any leakage. They are manufactured in two types as Life Protection & Fire Protection. Panasonic RCCB is truly current operated and operates independent of voltage. It prevents the risk of nuisance tripping due to transient voltages created by lighting. line disturbances (from other equipments) & transient current (from highly capacitive circuits).

Construction & Features

  • Elegant Appearance
  • In case of leakage current in circuit, RCCB trips which enables a quick solution to the faulty line
  • Provides protection against earth fault / leakage current
  • Equipped with finger protected connection terminals
  • Automatically disconnects the circuit when earth fault / leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity
  • Visual ON - OFF incdication
  • Test button 'T' is provided for periodic checkup
  • Truly current operated, operates at very low voltage
  • No nuisance tripping
  • Trips within 300 milliseconds in the event of fault
  • High short current withstand capacity of 10kA (DP), 6kA (FP)
  • Bi-connect terminals for busbar as well as cable connection
  • Simple and robust operating mechanism
  • IP20 protection, finger touch proof
  • Products
  • Specifications
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Standard Conformity

IS 12640 Part - 1
DIN 43-880

Technical Data

No. of Poles (Execution) DP, FP
Rated Current (In) A 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A
Rated Voltage (Ue) V~ SP: AC 240V, FP: AC 240/415V
Rated Frequency (f) Hz 50Hz
Short Circuit Withstand Capacity DP: 10000A, FP: 6000A
Short Circuit Breaking Performance
Rated Conditional Short-circuit (Inc)
Rated Conditional Residual Short-circuit Current (IΔc)
DP: 10000A, FP: 6000A
Rated Making and Breaking Capacity (Im)
Rated Residual Making and Capacity (IΔm)
DP: 630A, FP: 630A
Mode Electro Magnetic Type
Rated Impulse Voltage 4kV
Vibraton Resistance 5G
Dielectric Strength 2000V 1min
Protection Class IP20
Mounting On Din Rail (35mm x 7.5mm)
Connections 1.5 sq.mm to 25 sq.mm
  • Operating Principle
  • Protection against direct & indirect current

RCCB works on the principle that in electrical circuits the incoming current is same as the outgoing current as shown in the diagram. RCCB incorporates a core balance transformer (CBT) having primary and secondary windings with sensitive relay for instantaneous detection of fault signal. The primary winding lies in series with the supply mains and load. Secondary winding is connected to a very sensitive relay. In faultless condition, the magnetizing effects of current carrying conductors cancel each other. There is no residual magnetic field that can induce a voltage in the secondary. During flow of leakage current in the circuit an imbalance is created in the circuit which gives rise to leakage flux in core. This leakage flux generates an electrical signal that is sensed by the relay and it trips the mechanism thereby disconnecting supply.

The trip mechanism is operated at a Residual Current between 60-80% of its Rated Leakage Current.

When pressing the TEST button ‘T’ (during load conditions) a fault is simulated via the test resistance and RCCB trips

Direct Protection in the event of a direct contact (unearthed) live part, extremely sensitive RCCB with rated residual operating current of 30mA or less used instead of a more conventional RCCB with higher residual operating fault currents.

Protection is necessary if:
1. The insulation of totally insulated device or their loads is damaged
2. The earth wire is interrupted
3. Tne earth wire and live wire is transposed
4. A component which is live in normal operations is touched during repair work

Indirect current when a person makes contact with a metal part which accidentally has been powered up following an insulation fault.