Introducing Uno MCB, a brand new Switchgear range engineered by the finest brains of India and Japan. Uno MCB is one of the finest circuit breakers available in the world and is powered by the Panasonic technology. Superior fire retardant engineering plastic makes these Circuit breakers one of the best security devices for Your Appliances.

MCB Technical Details- UNO

  • State of the Art Design.
  • High Speed and High Breaking Capacity Mechanism.
  • Independent Manual Operation.
  • Mid-Trip Feature.
  • Flame Retardant Material of Housing and Cover.
  • Easy Mounting with Two Steps DIN rail clip.
  • Contact Position Indicating Window (Clear ON-OFF Indication)
  • Trip Free Mechanism.
  • Bus bar and Cable Connection Facility.
  • Energy- Efficient MCB.
  • Large Cable Terminals.

IP 20 Protection