Advance - EFFR (Extra Flexible Flame Retardant)

Advance - EFFR wire has enhanced flexibility* & higher bending capacity (15% to 20% more bending radius than other wires) comes with unique world's first germ-free (Tested as per JIS Z 2801 & ASTM 2149 standard) antimicrobial feature. This high value functional property acts as an active ingredient for biocides that prevents the antimicrobial surface effects providing an additional protection, restricting the growth of bacteria and thereby supporting in extended product and human life.

Unique features of Advance - EFFR building wire:

  • World's first Advance FR insulated wire with extra flexibility having germ-free feature.
  • India's only 30% rated wire (LOI).
  • 101% conductivity.
  • 100% bunching.
  • 100% electrolytic grade copper with 60% extra annealing.
  • *Class V conductors