Ziva is a series of modular switches, sockets and accessories designed at an economic price range. Series is designed for long operational life & the switches are quality approved to 1 Lakh Operations. Raise the beauty of your homes by leaps and bounds with slim and sleek design plates which can be placed both horizontally and vertically , according to your choice.

Vertical & Horizontal

  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Vertically mounted plates can fit in any space constraints
  • Looks trendy & young

Single Mounting Plate &
Two Plate Designs

Two Plate Designs

Single Mounting Plate Design

Slim & Elegant

  • Great aesthetic
  • Blends with the wall and gives a very sleek look

1 Lac Operations

  • Long operational life
  • No need to worry for years to come

Captive Screws

  • Screws do not fall away
  • Avoids screw driver slippage


  • No live part is exposed to fingers and can be accessible only through screw driver
  • Protects against solid object larger than 12mm

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